Microblading & Lash Enhancement

Taylor Bleue

Taylor Bleue

Get the Eyebrows of Your Dreams with Microblading!

Are you sick of using makeup to fill in your brows every morning? Dealing with the effects of alopecia? Recovering from chemotherapy? Over-tweezed? Microblading is the technique of etching hair strokes into the skin with pigment to create a variety of different eyebrow looks. You and Taylor will create your desired eyebrow look together. Add convenience to your daily routine by having your youthful eyebrows done for you when you wake up, swim, and exercise! Eyebrows are an important aspect to framing your face, especially your eyes.

Taylor Bleue will make your eyebrow dreams come true! Why Taylor? Taylor is a talented visual artist, a hairstylist, and a makeup artist. What this means for you is you will end up with brows that are for your face, with the right pigment tone for your skin and your hair. She sees detail, understands shade and light, sees symmetry and balance.


Brows Matter!

Your 30 minute consultation is $25 and will be applied toward your brow enhancement. Taylor and you will discuss all necessary information and your questions. Ready to book your new brows? It’s easy:  fill out your registration form, Taylor will perform your patch test to confirm you aren’t allergic to numbing agent(s) and/or pigment. Please note, your consultation appointment must be at least 48 hours prior to your actual appointment day to ensure you cleared your patch test. A deposit of half your service will be due when making your appointments with the remaining balance due at your first session.