Our Story

After 7 years of working at salons around Boulder and Louisville, I was looking for a place to take my business that allowed me the flexibility of career and personal time.  It seemed as if that wasn't an option.  Most salons didn't encourage the diversity of stylists having a life outside of the salon.  Working non-traditional hours, having other jobs, taking time for family, etc.  I have always loved this industry, but I felt it was important for artists to also have personal interests and pursuits outside of the chair.  It helps keep us fresh and engaged with our guests.

Always admiring the space that used to be Clary Sage, a Boulder Icon, it went on the market in 2002, and we stepped in.  Opening in April of 2002, we have prided ourselves on taking on only the stylists who's vision aligned with ours, making sure our team works well together and complement each other. 

We try to create a space that our guests feel comfortable in.  Where stylists support each other, we are all happy to lend a hand, and our clients come first.  I have always felt that our strength is in the community we have built.  

Today, we have a great group of artists who have varied talents, interests and specialties.  Together, our team can accomplish any beauty goal you may have, and we'll make you feel welcome and wanted in the process.

-Molly (Owner/Master Stylist)


Hours of Operation:

  • Mon: 9am - 7pm

  • Tue: 9am - 7pm

  • Wed: 9am - 7pm

  • Thur: 9am - 7pm

  • Fri: 9am - 7pm

  • Sat: 10am - 5pm

  • Sun: Closed